You Make Me Happy

Reminders of things that feel good, make me smile, lighten a mood, and don't suck.
(a list in progress)

  • sunshine on my face
  • new socks
  • finding something I knew I had but couldn't locate
  • hearing a favorite song that I almost forgot about
  • a good hair day
  • the perfect pair of earrings
  • when the house is so quiet all I can hear are the appliances humming
  • getting on the scale and seeing a lower number than the last time 
  • dancing like no one can see me
  • when the smallest pair of jeans are easy to button
  • listening to my daughter sing
  • watching the girls do anything together.
  • unexpected mail
  • Fridays when my boss decides not to come in to the office
  • signing five and six figure checks 
  • playing with my cat
  • fresh, clean sheets
  • cleaning out and organizing a junk drawer or closet
  • when a movie I've been waiting for finally becomes available on Netflix
  • when a book is so good that I can't close it
  • watching the cat play
  • burnt cheese
  • that moment when the girls emerge from the woods during a race
  • dipping toast in the yolk
  • when I am speaking at a meeting and other heads are nodding along
  • driving aimlessly, discovering roads I never knew existed